Translation Services in Dubai, UAE


Translation Services in UAE



Translating the document by a professional translator becomes extremely essential when the matter requires authenticity. Helpline Group has provided United Arab Emirates Arabic Translation services for years; it has the largest satisfied customer base among all the translation companies in UAE. We have started working since 1998 with our headquarters located in Dubai. Helpline Group has a group of experienced senior translators, who look after all the services in the translation company UAE. Through our fast, reliable, authentic, legalized, certified and customized work, we have achieved a label of a company providing ‘Best legal translation service UAE’.


We are working hard together with our scholars and experts to keep our services updated. Our department for translation services Dubai has a group of local, highly experienced and energetic representatives, who possess the expertise in Dubai language translation. As an expert agency in translation services, we know the legal complexities in the process. We know how important it is to keep the meaning of the translation copy as same as it is in the source. Helpline Group translation services UAE focuses on avoiding misleading words in the document to keep it simple and legal.  


Helpline Group has a special department in translation services Dubai, which exclusively deals in Arabic translation work for the region. Our translation department in UAE can translate documents in more than 100 languages. We, in Helpline Group, have the best talents working with us but then too, we give prior attention while assigning the work. Assignments are given to those, who have intense knowledge and expertise in the related area. There are different subject area in which our translation company UAE works-


  • * Commercial Document
  • * Technical Document
  • * Administrative Document
  • * Medical Document
  • * Power of Attorney
  • * Menu Document
  • * Legal Document
  • * Court order
  • * Financial Document
  • * Mechanical Document
  • * Government Document
  • * Medical Document
  • * Engineering Document
  • * Press release
  • * Educational Documents and many other.


Helpline Group – the top Arabic translation company in Dubai, is always at your service, we are having distance of just a call. Make a call freely and get our expert service solution quickly.