Interpreter Services in Qatar


Interpreting Services are the oral translations of speech done by interpreters from one language into another. Helpline group is a pioneer in translation services in Qatar as our experienced team of translators excel efficiently. We convert every element in the source language into the target language without missing even minute feeling of the message.


We provide the following types of interpretation services for our customers.

Simultaneous Interpretation

One of the most difficult types of interpretation services where the interpreter interprets what the speaker is saying in real time. In this type of service, a specialized technology is used by a professional interpreter, who listens to one language and speaks another simultaneously. Usually, this is needed in occasions and events such as international conferences, press conferences, and remarkable summits, etc.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation generally occurs during the International Business Conferences, Business Negotiations, Press Conferences, and Court Trials.  Before interpreting, the interpreters to wait for the speaker to pause. The interpreter either interpret after every sentence or interpret after the speech at once. From the notes made, the speech is interpreted when the interpreter gets a break without breaking the flow of speech.

Chuchotage Interpreting

Also known as whispered interpreting. The interpreter communicates with a small group of listeners interpreting what is being said in a low voice. It does not require any specialist equipment. If there are more than three people then receivers and headphones for listeners, a transmitter for the interpreter and a microphone for the speaker are used.

Legal interpretation services

This includes translation of all types of legal documents in different lengths. Precision and consistency is a key factor for this service as an error in the legal documents can cause serious legal consequences. The interpreter should have the legal expertise and good command of specific legal terminology, deep knowledge of the legal system and the ability to intelligently select the appropriate linguistic structures.

Sight Interpretation

Only a certified translator familiar with the contents of a document presented in a foreign language will be able to do this. Sight translation is often used in legal settings. It requires excellent language skills, a good memory, quick thinking, resistance to stress, and good powers of attention and concentration.

Language interpretation

Helpline group offers quality interpretation services in various Asian and European languages including Arabic, Hindi, and Russian. Our group of experts handles various languages at ease.